String Quartet (two violins, viola and cello)

Fanfare after Shostakovich

Quartet in sections

Piano solo

Three Altercations for piano

The Impending Rain

Empty Spaces Suite (three movements)

Halloween Preludes  (Four movements)

Four short improvisations

Homage To Carter

Impromptu in A

A Tribute To Mozart

Classical guitar solo

Two Notes

Atoned - Four movements

Vortex - after Ligeti

Portraits Of North America (six movements)

Freedom (dedicated to Suzanne and Ellie Sear)

The Road To Damascus (four movements)

Oscar - A Lullaby

Two Folk Preludes

The Longing Impromptu

Five Miniatures (studies in dissonance)

Two Studies In A Minor

Passepied In D

Let Down Blues

Improvisations 1 - 4

Three improvisations On A Theme By Django Reinhardt

Hey Hey Blues - a hats off to Big Bill Broonzy

Thoughts on La Paloma

Prelude in E Minor

Mixed Guitar Ensemble (including combinations of nylon, steel and electric guitars)

Distorted - for classical and electric guitar

In Your Dreams - Part One and Part Two - for two classicals, a steel strung and an electric guitar

A New Blues - For two electrics and one classical guitar

The Pagan Wedding - For classical guitar trio

Snowfall - For electric guitar trio

Interlude - For classical guitar trio


Reflections On Yom Kippur (in progress)

Music Concrete (recorded sounds of nature, fairground samples, voices, soprano)

Thought Overload On The Beach

Walking The Dog

Organ solo

The System Has Crashed (written for Johnathan Bunney)

Ceremony Part 1

Ceremony Part 2

Iso -org

Harpsichord solo


Vibraphone solo

Two Solos

Electric guitar solo

Expanse (seven experiments in sound)

Feedback one

Feedback two

Cello solo

Sock Puppet

Clarinet solo

Three Pieces for Clarinet

Manouche Jazz Trio (grand bouche guitar, oval hole guitar and double bass)

My Swing

Dodged A Bullet

Spanish Swing

Montagne Sainte Genevieve re imagined

One Way Traffic

Dexter’s Day

a fine control of texture and pace...a composer with a chameleon like talent
— Fanfare magazine USA