String Quartet (two violins, viola and cello)

Fanfare after Shostakovich

Quartet in sections

Quartet no.2. (in progress)


The Souls Of The Righteous

A Christmas Carol

Harpsichord and Electric Guitar


Classical Guitar Duet

The Secret Garden

Mixed Guitar Ensemble

Distorted - for classical and electric guitar

In Your Dreams - Part One and Part Two - for two classicals, a steel strung and an electric guitar

A New Blues - For two electrics and one classical guitar

The Pagan Wedding - For classical guitar trio

Snowfall - For electric guitar trio

Interlude - For classical guitar trio

Piano solo

Two Altercations for piano

The Impending Rain

Empty Spaces Suite (three movements)

Halloween Preludes  (Four movements)

A short improvisations

Homage To Carter

Impromptu in A

A Tribute To Mozart

Waltz In F Minor

Four Little Pieces

Classical guitar solo

Two Notes


Reflections On The Sea - Four movements

Vortex - after Ligeti

Portraits Of North America (six movements)

Freedom (dedicated to Suzanne and Ellie Sear)

The Road To Damascus (four movements)

Oscar - A Lullaby

Two Folk Preludes

The Longing Impromptu

Four Miniatures (studies in dissonance)

Two Studies In A Minor

Passepied In D

Let Down Blues

Two improvisations On A Theme By Django Reinhardt

Hey Hey Blues - a hats off to Big Bill Broonzy

Thoughts on La Paloma

Prelude in E Minor

Organ solo

The System Has Crashed (written for Johnathan Bunney)

Ceremony Part 1

Ceremony Part 2

Iso -org

Harpsichord solo

Impromptu after Ligeti

Flute solo


Vibraphone solo

Two Solos

i Prelude

ii Expanded

Electric guitar solo

Expanse (seven experiments in sound)

Feedback one

Feedback two

Cello solo

Sock Puppet

i Slow

ii Faster

Clarinet solo

Three Pieces

i Musingly

ii Impromptu pt 1

iii Impromptu pt 2

Miscellaneous - Improvisations and more

Manouche Jazz Trio (grand bouche guitar, oval hole guitar and double bass)

My Swing

Dodged A Bullet

Spanish Swing

Montagne Sainte Genevieve re imagined

Dexter’s Day

Music Concrete (recorded sounds of nature, fairground samples, voices, soprano)

The Beach

Walking The Dog

El Mediterraneo - Balearia (feat. Matthew Sear). Electronic trance genre (Available on Spotify and Apple Music)

i El Mediterrane ii

ii Haunted By The Sea

iii Guitarra Mediterraneo

SW1 FM Improvisation with Matthew Taylor, Tamer Karuman and Tomoko Kinuta

Live classical guitar and Indian instrument ensemble improvisation

a fine control of texture and pace...a composer with a chameleon like talent
— Fanfare magazine USA