Ageism in classical music

Being 43 years old and about to go back to music college as a post graduate composition student, this article on Twitter, caught my attention.

While I began composing guitar and piano music pretty much as soon as I began learning to play each respective instrument, (writing my first piano pieces aged 14), I didn’t venture musically outward, until aged 28, when I wrote my first string quartet. Since aged 40, to put it simply; I have been on a creative roll.

I am familiar with the feeling of imposter syndrome (I’m okay with this too, many of my thoughts ‘diagrammed out’ don’t seem to fit neatly into the ‘correct’ boxes, so I am used to defending my positions), but ageism? Hmmm, reading the stats presented in the article certainly makes for some grim reading - there are 36% less opportunities once you hit 40 and perhaps most tellingly, there is not one single competition targeted at those in the 40 - 65 age range.

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Who Is Matthew Guy?

"Who is Matthew Guy?" has been a question asked quite a bit, since leaving my old Matthew Sear facebook account and starting again as 'Matthew Guy'.

Guy is first and foremost my middle name. It was given to me after my Grandfather 'Guy Sear', but also because I was born in 'Guy's hospital' in London. My mum and dad spoke of Guy's hospital with such high praise. My mum had several miscarriages before me arriving - and my folks, (being older parents), knew only too well that the window of opportunity was rapidly closing shut. So when, at the age of 44, my mum gave birth to me, they were both overjoyed...

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Matthew Sear
Near Death Experiences 'NDEs'

Since as young as I can remember, I have fascinated with what our brain is. what is consciousness, how is it connected to the brain, is it created by the brain, or is consciousness, (like scientists such Dr Robert Lanza and Rupert Sheldrake believe), stored externally?

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